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      New Work      
9. Swing, 10x8x6, polychrome woven wirecloth.jpg
Aimee, 14 in. high,bronzewoven wire cloth.jpg
Ballroom Dance, 10 in high copper woven wirecloth.jpg
Ballroom Dance, 10.5 ins. high  copper woven wire  cloth.jpg
Best Friends, 7 in. high polychrome woven copper wirecloth.jpg
Charity and Maude.jpg
Cheek to Cheek, 5 in high polychrome woven copper wirecloth.jpg
Close to the Land, twined willow, 100 cm. high.jpg

Dawn MacNutt, artist and sculptor, from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia © Dawn MacNutt, 2008
photos courtesy of Peter Barss and Bruce Murray

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