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      New Work      
29. Tenderness, 6x5x4, polychrome woven copper wire cloth.jpg
3. Trust,  14x4x3  electroplated, patinated, painted copper wire cloth.jpg
30. Storytelling Time, 5x6x5, woven copper wirecloth.jpg
34. Eve, 6x4x4, woven copper wirecloth.jpg
38.Once Upon a Time, 6x4x4, woven copper wirecloth.jpg
39. Rhapsody 6x4x4, woven copper wirecloth.jpg
7.Prom Dress, 10x8x6, polychrome woven wirecloth.jpg
9. Swing, 10x8x6, polychrome woven wire cloth.jpg

Dawn MacNutt, artist and sculptor, from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia © Dawn MacNutt, 2008
photos courtesy of Peter Barss and Bruce Murray

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