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Resolution, 9ft and 10ft willow, commissioned for Mayer, Brown,Rowe and Maw, Hyatt Centre Chicago,2005.JPG
Resolution, 9ft and 10ft willow.jpg
Sentinel, 12ft bronze from willow,Kelowna 2002.JPG
Timeless Form, bronze, 5ft Halifax residence.JPG
Timeless Forms willow and seagrass  150-200 cm. high Art Gallery NS.JPG
Together we Stand at QE2 Hospital, Halifax, 20ft high, Stainless Steel, 1995.JPG
detail, Column, Dartmouth.JPG
muse on the marsh, sackville, nb..jpg

Dawn MacNutt, artist and sculptor, from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia © Dawn MacNutt, 2008
photos courtesy of Peter Barss and Bruce Murray

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