• Visual Arts Nova Scotia,1980-present (Secretary, 1982-4;Publications Committee1983-5 )
  • Master Artisan member, Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council,1977- present; Conference chairman, 1979-80; Exhibition Committees, 1979-83; 
  • Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia, (Juried)  1988-2005      
  • Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers, 1975-current; President,1978-80
  • Canadian Sculpture Society, 1998-2006
  • International  Sculpture Source, 1989-present
  • National Director, Canadian Crafts Council, 1983-7
  • Canadian Crafts Council, Olympics ’88 SubCommittee

Dawn MacNutt, artist and sculptor, from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia © Dawn MacNutt, 2008
photos courtesy of Peter Barss and Bruce Murray